A Message from Crocs

Crocodiles combined restaurant and Pickleball club, is a unique business concept that brings together a restaurant and a Pickleball club in one location.

The restaurant will offer both local and standard cuisine with a focus on sustainability, while the Pickleball club will provide a dedicated facility for the growing sport.

Our prospectus highlights the lack of dedicated Pickleball facilities in the local area and the growing popularity of the sport among all ages. The unique combination of a restaurant and Pickleball club offers a competitive advantage and the potential to attract a diverse customer base, including families, sports enthusiasts, and foodies.

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Tim McNally (Owner)

Tim hails from Pennsylvania and has been the sole proprietor of Crocodiles Restaurant for seven years. He is an experienced entrepreneur, and has extensive knowledge of how the restaurant and entertainment businesses run in Yucatan. Tim is an expert when it comes to specialized liquor sales, tasting, and evaluating, as well as sourcing and presenting service strategies. Tim is, and will remain an integral part of the business moving forward.

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Daryl Sawyer (Owner / Club Manager / Restaurateur)

Daryl hails from Ontario, Canada and his experience is geared towards sales and customer related experiences. He has over 30 years in management roles with intimate knowledge and experience working within the fine dining industry, as well as a vast knowledge of startup ventures. Daryl will be one of the faces of the new restaurant, as he will be the location manager with an oversight of all day to day activities

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Nelly Mendoza (Owner/ Architect/ Project Manager)

Nelly hails from Merida! As an architect and former math teacher, Nelly is the both the designer and builder of the new facility. Her expertise with the local codes, processes, and tradespeople allows for a hands-on approach, ensuring every aspect of the build is done to plan, completed on time, and meets the local and state requirements.

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Glenn Sawyer (Owner/ Administrative Partner)

Glenn hails from Ontario, Canada and has over 20 years as and operational executive in all facets of the transportation industry. His background consists of overseeing all functions to ensure that processes and procedures were executed to meet or exceed organizational expectations. Glenn is proficient in staff management, as well as implementing strategies that increase efficiency and profitability.

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Anne Glennie (Owner/ Planning Partner)

Anne is from Ontario, Canada and made Progreso her home in 2019 after a year of extensive travel around Mexico. Anne has 30 years in the restaurant and hospitality industry as well as 20 years working in finance.

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